Daddy Day Care Week got off to a rather hairy start with an unexpected trip to the doctor, after Freddie woke up on Monday with an alarming crusty rash all over his face. Rashes always send us into a tailspin, especially blistery ones, as a rash was the first outward sign of the bone marrow problems he had when he was born. The doctor admitted that she didn’t know anything about the condition, so she googled it. Then, after after examining Freddie from top to toe, glands, spleen, liver and lights, she concluded that it was a case of infected eczema aggravated by an uncontrollably runny nose and excessive drooling due to a sore throat.

Twenty-four hours and several doses of antibiotics later Freddie was already feeling a bit better, so on Tuesday’s agenda was a lads and dads visit to the barber — but Daddy took him to a different one! Oh dear. Freddie, totally unnerved by suddenly being required to sit and have his hair cut in an an unfamiliar place by a lady he didn’t know, made a gigantic fuss. The hairdresser was apparently very patient, but you can see from his fringe that she didn’t have an easy time of it. No, Daddy, haircuts don’t happen here, they happen about six doors down the road, with a different lady!

Then it was off to The Potteries Museum to see the Spitfire, as Freddie has been learning about Reginald Mitchell at school. His haircut trauma was soon forgotten in the excitement of running round and round the galleries, flitting from one thing to another like a butterfly. He won’t have taken much in on this visit, but hopefully if we keep making short visits he will eventually calm down, see how others behave in that environment and learn by example, and begin to take things in.

After picking Mummy up from uni there was just enough time to go for a cuppa in the posh new coffee shop in town, where Freddie discovered he has quite a taste for chocolate oat milk.



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