What better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon than in a nice, warm kitchen baking chocolate cake?

Might as well start as we mean to go on — so, no novelty packet mixes here — we’re jumping straight in the deep end with vegan chocolate cup cakes with vanilla velvet icing.


Don’t think Freddie likes the noise the electric beaters make — we’ll have to stick with hand-whisking in future.  

Good job, Freddie!



You’re right; I am exhausted.

I am exhausted because he is six and I am almost fifty.

I am exhausted because I seem to be running a hotel for teenagers, with free laundry and housekeeping, and meals freshly cooked on demand, sometimes with room service.

I am exhausted because the road between ‘I do’ and ‘Happy Ever After’ is often a bumpy and tortuous one.

I am exhausted because I lie awake half the night worrying, not about what I will write for my assessments, but how I will find the time and head space to write anything at all.

I am exhausted because of the mood swings that come with the impending end of my reproductive life, which are wearing everybody thin.

I am exhausted by the weight of ‘what ifs’, from a lifetime full of ‘Sliding Doors’ moments.

I am not exhausted for the reason that you think I am.


For WDSD15 we packed up the car and went off to the Macdonald Portal Hotel in the charming Cheshire town of Tarporley (will be moving there when we win the lottery – have booked the winning ticket for next week) to join the Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group for their family fun day. Anticipating Freddie would be too excited to eat once we got there and he saw all the people and the bouncy castle and the bright bunting (made of socks), we made sure he ate in the car on the way.

The Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group were most welcoming. Despite being from just over the border in Staffordshire we saw a couple of families we recognised – there doesn’t seem to be an active support network in our county, so we have to look outwards. We couldn’t have wished for a much better day weather wise – though it was cool, the sun shone all day and it stayed dry; just as well for the lovely ladies doing the Hula Hoop Challenge outside.

There were lots of different activities and some lovely food, and it was great to have a chance to meet other families and to see other children, and adults who have Down’s Syndrome too.


But the highlight of the day for us,and especially for Freddie, was seeing Singing Hands perform … and meeting them afterwards.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Singing Hands (you may have seen them on Something Special or if your children are old enough to remember it, Tikabilla) but just incase you haven’t you can find out more about them here: And you can see them in action on YouTube.

A splendid day was had by all. I hope they raised lots of “Dosh for Down’s”.