Freddie did indeed have a urinary tract infection, which would probably explain not only his recent symptoms, but also why he has had more ‘accidents’ recently. Three days of antibiotics have seen him much improved.

Fortunately Freddie doesn’t usually have to visit the doctor very often, so I was surprised to find that he seemed to know exactly why we were there. As soon as she said ‘what can I do for you?’, Freddie piped up ‘tinkle hurts’, before I could get a word in edgeways. He was very co-operative and lay down nicely on the couch while she examined his tummy. He even let her examine him ‘down there’, and she said it looked ‘fine’.

When Daddy got home I told him how good Freddie had been. Daddy said: ‘how’s your tinkle now, mate?’

‘There,’ replied Freddie, pointing.

‘No,’ said Daddy, ‘not where. How?’

‘Filthy!’ cried Freddie.



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