Even the simplest of activities, like a walk in the park – even in the pouring rain – is full of joy for Freddie. He jumps gleefully into every puddle, and greets the sight of a dog with as much excitement as if he has seen an elephant or a brontosaurus. 

     The highlight for him this time was finding the mother of all pooh-sticks to chuck off the bridge (I think it was actually half a small tree), and, finding the playground deserted, plucking up the courage to climb up the steps of the big slide (with Mummy holding on to the back of his jacket). He whooshed down it like greased lightning, shot off the end in a shower of water, and landed about two feet away from the end of the slide ON HIS FEET! He looked very pleased with himself. We had to strip his shoes and trousers off before putting him in the car, but we soon warmed up again at home with hot chocolate (after all, it is July, what do you expect?). 

You don’t need a bike to enjoy a BMX track.



I am taking part in #100happydays (www.100happydays.com). I’m doing this to encourage myself to be more mindful of all the good things in my life, and of what makes me happy; and also to show that the families of people with Down’s Syndrome can, and do, enjoy happiness and good quality of life, contrary to the commonly held misconception. Please share my blog, and others like it, as widely as you can, especially if you know any professionals who work with expectant parents. Knowing all the factual, medical information is one thing, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We need to spread the word that people with Down’s Syndrome can achieve, and live happy, fulfilling and productive lives. Thank you. 



I can’t quite believe it … this is Freddie at the Opthalmology clinic, playing quietly and calmly with a toy, instead of creating havoc in the waiting room, getting into mischief, and places he shouldn’t be. 

     I’m not going to say “in a way I will kind of miss sprinting after him down hospital corridors”, because I won’t. 

     I hope it’s not a fluke.

     I hope sitting quietly doesn’t mean that he’s ill.

     Let’s assume it is the first sign of growing maturity.

     Here’s the Gruffalo glasses he chose – once he’d seen these he refused to try on any others. He’s having a pair made up into sunglasses, too; hopefully this year’s adventures are also just the start of good things to come. 



What was it you said – about never being able to have a holiday again if I had a child with Down’s Syndrome?

Sorry, I wasn’t listening …

So unfortunately we went right ahead, and have already had three very pleasant “staycations” in the UK. And one foreign holiday … and we’ll soon be jetting on our second.

Of this year.

You mentioned something about “poor quality of life”, too.

Poor Freddie. Poor me. We must be suffering terribly.

It’s just as well we’ve been too busy getting on with our lives to notice.

Would you like a side order of chips to go with those words you’re about to eat?

See you on the beach!