We are now entering day 2 of the Astonishingly Bad Mood.

The day began with a refusal to go to the toilet, and more scratching and hitting. Freddie coolly and deliberately poured his breakfast drink all over the table and floor. I put his food in front of him and then sat and quietly ate my own without making any attempt to feed him. Eventually he started to eat by himself and finished most of it (so I gave him a sticker). Today I am stepping back from any confrontation, no reacting, no shouting, just leaving him to settle down and realise he’s not going to get his own way.

He’s had several wetting accidents, but hasn’t produced anything on the toilet all day. I half expected his toilet training to go to pot while we were on holiday (but he was absolutely fine), not once we were settled back at home. Putting him on the toilet provokes a freah outbreak of clawing and smacking.

my hands and arms are beginning to look rather scabby.

my hands and arms are beginning to look rather scabby.

I’m trying to distract him with an impromptu craft session using a piece of card he found in a parcel that came for Big Brother. When he saw it, Freddie said ‘sun’ and held it up to the window, so we decided to make it into a bright yellow sun to put in his bedroom.


He’s definitely not himself.


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