Whilst eating his tea Freddie suddenly jumped down from his seat. When I told him to sit back down he said ‘need a poo’, so Daddy took him to the toilet. He tried to get off after a few seconds, so I went and fetched a fold-up table and hsi favourite dinosaur book. The table has a handy crossbar that he can rest his feet on; my idea was that if we could get him to sit on the toilet for a while with his knees up like he was squatting, and just relax (hence the book), we might have some success.

Freddie didn’t quite like the idea at first and pushed the book away, but we persisted. After a little while he started to fuss again … but then he gave me a huge grin, a double thumbs up and said:


And, Oh my god, it was.

He perked up no end after that, and by the next day was back to using the toilet normally again, and staying dry. We’ve had one or two little soiling accidents – but I’m sure that’s just because now that the laxatives are working it’s making things a little difficult to hold in. But he seems so, so much better that I can only assume that we were right all along — that the ‘poo fumes’ were going to his head and making him naughty.

So, there you go. Always trust your gut instincts!


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