Happy seventh birthday, Freddie! I don’t know why but seven has always had a talismanic feel about it. And now, suddenly, here we are. 

     He has just discovered these little characters, and really likes them, just like mummy did, way back in the (very) early seventies. This one, handknitted in the true spirit of the Clangers, was made by one of my fellow students, possibly one of the nicest ways I’ve come across of earning some extra dosh whilst at uni.

     Freddie was so excited to see big brother Harry, who came home from Sheffield specially for the occasion. The two of them, it seems, have a mutual love of cameras. Freddie loves taking selfies on my phone, usually when I’m not looking, and with his partner-in-crime big sister, Lucy. He was well impressed by Harry’s new camera – an actual camera, not a phone! Which came in really handy, because I’d ordered a Kidizoom Action Cam on behalf of Nan and Grandad, but when it came I was dismayed to see how small and fiddly it was. I went straight from imagining he’d love it to being convinced he’d never take to it at all. But having seen Big Brother with his camera, Freddie just copied everything he did, and in the end it proved to be his favourite present.


     I was pleased that he got lots of books – he’s beginning to actually read now and recognise familiar words, and is keen to show off his developing skill.

     I don’t know where the last seven years have gone, or where the next seven will take us, but for now we’re picture-perfect (lol – so long as you don’t look too closely).

The closest I ever get to a photo of me with all three of my children.


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