17th December.


It’s an unexpectedly early start to the Christmas Holidays for Freddie today. This is due to an outbreak of “Slap Cheek” infection at his school. Freddie is well himself, so far, but that is one childhood infection that could be problematic for him, because of his medical history. Knowing this, his teacher rang me yesterday to say that they had one case confirmed , and another child sent home with similar symptoms, and we decided it would be best if Freddie stayed at home until after the Christmas break. So it’s a nice leisurely day for me, then – trying to clean the place up, with a little chortling person half-inching my cloths and legging it at high speed, “zapping” everything with stolen antibax, and helping me by taking the duster and carefully re-applying all the dust I just wiped off. The cupboards are almost bare and Big Brother, aka The Human Food Hoover, is due home tonight, accompanied by his laundry. Bring on the Christmas holidays …


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