A Lovely Surprise …

As a blogger you have to work with the knowledge that there are individuals out there who will respond to you in ways deliberately calculated to be hurtful or offensive. But, I’m happy to report, there is a flip side to this. For every troll, there is a ‘Fairy Godmother’ of the Internet. I know because I have just experienced one.

A package was waiting for Daddy when he arrived at work this morning. There is no indication who sent it, but inside was this letter: 

and these books:

As you can see, he got stuck in straight away! What a lovely, lovely, kind, thoughtful, generous gesture. We were very touched. It made our day, our week.

Freddie loves dinosaurs as much as dragons, and animals of all kinds, so these books are right up his street.

So, I’d like to say a very big ‘THANK YOU’ to our anonymous ‘Fairy Godmother’ (or Godfather).

To us this act of kindness means so much more than just new books for Freddie.


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