6 Towns Radio

It was fun, as ever, to spend two hours in the studio with the lovely, lovely Carol Lovatt, on the Carol in the Community show this morning, on 6 Towns Radio. We did squeeze in a bit about Workd Down’s Syndrome Day (21st March) and the ‘Lots of Socks’ campaign, but far and away my favourite bit was talking about World Book Day, with local illustrator and author Kate Leake (www.planetpencil.co.uk), who has written some fab children’s books and illustrated many more. Freddie loves books and stories as much as the next child, more than some; and his reading is coming on a treat. I bought him his first ‘Horrid Henry’ book last night: an early readers’ one, admittedly, but it’s still more grown-up than previous books. I wish I could capture on camera the look of bashful pride on Freddie’s face when I say to him: ‘Excellent reading – you’re getting to be such a good reader”. And of course, people with Down’s Syndrome don’t just read, they write too. Check out this link to an article about a man called Marcus Sikora, who has had his book published: https://www.facebook.com/DownSyndromeOnTheMighty/posts/543518625808014


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