#Quality of Life: WDSD16

Every year, March 21st is World Down’s Syndrome Day. Here at Extra-Ordinary we concentrate on sharing the reality of Ordinary life with an Extra chromosome,and what great quality of life families like ours can, and do, enjoy. So, throughout March, on the run up to WDSD16, I will be sharing photographs that demonstrate what quality of life means to us. Please join in and share your #qualityoflife photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or in the comments – don’t forget the hashtag #qualityoflife. Thank you.

Here is the first: 

Grandparents have to be among the biggest influences on a young child’s life, and also provide a valuable connection to the extended family, and the family’s past: and Freddie enjoys a fantastic relationship with his. It’s a two-way street – not only does he benefit from their experience, their different perspective, and their nurturing (and lots of treats), but they benefit too, from all the joys that come from watching their child’s child grow and develop their distinctive character. I am convinced that Freddie is part of the reason my dad made such a good recovery from the stroke he suffered four years ago. Freddie has shown them that everything they thought they knew about Down’s Syndrome was wrong. In the eyes of Nanna and Grandad, their grandson is simply ‘Extra-Ordinary’ (what grandparent doesn’t?).


2 thoughts on “#Quality of Life: WDSD16

  1. jill mills says:

    thanks Kerry
    what’s lovely blog. I have a beautiful 19month old daughter Pippa who was born unexpected with down syndrome.
    I have faced many of the discrimination you mention.
    frankie is truly an amazing little boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the compliment, and for taking the time to read my post. Your little girl Pippa will bring you more joy and love than you ever imagined possible, and there are lots of good people out there working to dispel the misconceptions about Down’s that lead to discrimination and prejudice.


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