#QualityofLife 2: WDSD16

In the run up to World Down’s Syndrome Day on March 21st Extra-Ordinary is sharing photos that show some aspect of what the phrase ‘quality of life’ means to us.


Today we have another relationship post. One of the acknowledged strengths that people with Down’s Syndrome often possess is good emotional awareness (or ’emotional intelligence’ as I call it), and a strong motivation to interact with others. The ability to build strong, positive, relationships is an important contributory factor in achieving a sense of well-being and good quality of life. This is something Freddie excels at.  

Freddie and his sister have a strong bond (despite the fact that there is nearly 9 years gap between them) built on a foundation of equal parts love, annoyance, and mutual mischief.

One of Big Sister’s proudest achievements is helping Freddie learn to walk. Time and again she propped him against the wall and let him fall into her arms, gradually moving further away so that the fall became a stumble, then steps. And it’s a two-way street – Freddie is both bring nurtured, and learning to nurture in return … 


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