#QualityofLife 3: WDSD16

On the run up to World Down’s Syndrome Day we are sharing photos that say something about what quality of life means to us.  

As today is World Book Day we really had to include something to do with reading. Curling up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate is one of my most contented, cosy-feeling things to do. We encouraged a love of books in our children, and read with them from the day they were born; we did this with Freddie in just the same way as we did with the older two, and he enjoyed it and responded to it just as much. Climbing into bed next to Freddie with a storybook is still my favourite part of our evening routine. Now, although the ability to read does not necessarily equate to good quality of life, the ability to participate in the familiar, comforting routines of domestic/ family life is an important factor in building a sense of wellbeing. Freddie’s daily life proceeds in the same way that his brother and sister’s lives did at his age; he looks forward to the evening ritual of bath, steaming gently wrapped in warm towels, and a bedtime story. It’s proper quality time, talking and snuggling, our attention completely focussed on each other.

You may think such mundane things are nothing to write home about. They’re not. They are the reason WHY we write home.


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