Being Busy: #QualityofLife 9

I haven’t posted any #qualityoflife pictures for a few days because I’ve been very busy with uni coursework – final deadlines are looming. Which brings me to today’s post: Being Busy …  

Being busy may not be on everyone’s good quality of life list, but it’s got to be better than just sitting staring at the walls, which in many people’s imagination is all that those who have learning difficulties are capable of doing. Indeed, once upon a time it is pretty much what used to happen. There is probably a significant correlation between the rise in life expectancy in DS and the move away from institutionalisation, and towards people remaining within loving families, and being given opportunities for education, enrichment and meaningful occupation. Freddie loves to occupied. If he isn’t, he gets bored and then he gets into mischief. In Freddie’s case the devil makes work for idle hands and an idle mind. Sadly in all too many cases, in the past, they just withered away.


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