‘Lots of Socks’ Gallery.

Here’s my ‘Lots of Socks’ gallery for World Down Syndrome Day. What do your socks say about you?


I am the Goddess of odd socks. They go into the laundry in perfect pairs and come out as odd singletons. What happens to the others? Are they having a swingers party down behind the washing machine?


An attractive, respectable exterior, with an exotic underbelly.


Has a spotty bottom.


All heart, but fights like a stripy tiger when cornered.


Wishes every day could be Friday.


Is the bees knees.


Always wins the three-legged race.


Is obssessed with Guinness and Blackcurrant.


The force is strong in this one – an Imperial sock trooper.


All heart, almost right down to the toes.


Indecisive – couldn’t choose between socks or gloves.

Can’t get enough of playing Twister.


Is run off their feet.


Just has to be a little bit different.



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