Shame on you, Sloppy Journalists …

Once again ignorance and sloppy journalism rears its ugly head. Mail Online journalist Ekin Karasin published an article ‘Village of the Damned’ in which she references Down’s Syndrome throughout. It is debatable whether more than one of the people pictures in the piece actually have Down’s, and if they do, they are not ‘suffering’ from it, but from neglect and ignorance. Every ‘fact’ this tabloid hack presents about Down’s is completely inaccurate, she also mistakenly conflates it with another, completely different condition which she refers to only by the derogatory descriptor ‘Kampung Idiot’. She has clearly done no research at all. The Press bears great responsibility, because the language they employ, and the emphases they place, shape the public perception of issues and events, including how we view, and react to, disabled people. Rarely do they live up to this responsibility, but by their use of negatively-nuanced language, and their tolerance of inaccuracy they perpetuate negative and damaging stereotypes of disability. That is why the work of my fellow bloggers is so important- we know the truth and we tell it. That is why I am asking you to read us, and share us widely: to give a voice to those the Press drown out with their ignorant blather, and to try to make the world a more accepting place for people like my son. Thank you.


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