Mr. Strong Willed.

Freddie found the socks Daddy wore yesterday, on the bedroom floor where he threw them when he took them off.  

He (Freddie) put them on and came downstairs for breakfast. Now it’s time to get dressed for school, and Freddie is absolutely refusing to take them off and put his own, clean, socks on. I’ve tried telling him that Daddy’s socks are too big, and he won’t be able to get his shoes on over the top, but he won’t listen. In fact, just to prove a point, he has fetched his boots and crammed his feet into them (well, that’s one way to get him to do it by himself). 

Do I insist on winning the battle, put my foot down and waste valuable time arguing, pulling the boots and socks off him, and in the process upset both of us, so that we start our day grumpy and out of sorts? Or do I beat a tactical retreat, and let him go to school in his dad’s stinky socks? Is it really the end of the world if he does, just this once?

I let it go, put a clean pair of Freddie socks in his backpack, and a note for his teacher in his home/school diary. It’s all about give-and-take. 

Hopefully not me giving an inch and him taking a yard …


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