The Dark Side.

We all have a dark side. Instead of being properly ashamed of mine, however, I have chosen to flaunt it, to go and do it in a group situation, with other people who share my proclivities egging me on.

When Freddie came along I had no choice but to find the courage to stop listening to the Negative Nellies. Since then I have taken my ‘unfortunate tendency to write’ and raised it to a BA with honours First Class in Creative Writing. Well done me! (My mother-in-law is in for a shock. She told her neighbours I was going to the local college to learn ‘how to read books’).

Of course, I mustn’t waste my degree in Creative Writing by actually writing, oh no. I must teach. Which is, apparently, the degree I should have done all along (no bloody chance – other people’s kids are a pain in the arse, especially the typically developing ones, precocious little snots), because ‘everybody’ knows that no good can ever come of sitting about on my curvy pink butt justĀ writing. So, while I’m deciding what I can do with the rest of my life that will inadvertently piss off my entire family again, I’ll leave this here for you to have a look at:

Out later this year. Watch this space for updates.


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