A Typical Weekend (for an Atypical Family).

So, what is a ‘typical’ weekend like for a ‘Down’s Syndrome’ family? Well, for a start, it’s a lot better when you don’t refer to us in that way. We’re just a family who have a kid with an extra chromosome. It’s no biggie, that little extra; it doesn’t weigh anything, or climb up the curtains, and he doesn’t leave it lying around for people to trip over. For us, the average weekend looks something like this …



Saturday begins at 7:00am with an early morning puppet show – a matinee performance of ‘Hugless Douglas’. There’s coffee in the interval (if you get out of bed and make it yourself).


A spot of football – until BOOF! – the ball thuds into the flowerbed, closely followed by a small boy with big boots. Still, at least it stops the fat, lardy-arsed pigeons from mating on the fence. Shameless, they are. You might expect it in the sort of neighbourhood where people go down the shop in their pyjamas, but not here …


A birthday party – with cake, of course. I’ll go if cake is provided. You haven’t really partied unless you end up with buttercream on your nose.


Sunday School for Teddy Bears (guess which one is Teacher’s Pet?)


The art of Multitasking … eating toast while trying out the pencils I won in the Britain in Bloom Painting Competition. Typical -on the day I want to do one of those charcoal drawings, she doesn’t burn the toast.



The odd selfie while Mummy’s not looking.


Other random monkey business. ‘Monkey business? How very dare you accuse us of Monkey business? There’s nothing going on here.’


And finally – ‘Drying my piggies’, after a nice warm bath.

After all the time and trouble people have gone to over the centuries, to generate a whole storybook-full of plausible negative stereotypes — and we selfishly ignore them. Isn’t that just typical!


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