A World Without Down’s. 

BBC 2 Oct. 5th 9pm. A World without Down’s: Fronted by Sally Phillips of ‘Miranda’, and ‘Bridget Jones’ fame, this is a documentary about Down’s Syndrome and the ethics of pregnancy screening. Sally has a son with Down’s Syndrome, and she has selflessly and bravely opened her private family life to the cameras, and public scrutiny, in order to bring the thorny issues raised by the new prenatal screening test.And yes, it really is a brave and selfless thing to do. She isn’t doing it for publicity for herself, or for sympathy, motives which some might meanly ascribe to a celebrity who goes out on a limb like this; she is doing it for the benefit of families like mine, who do not have a voice. So far, our concerns about the new tests have been swept under the carpet by the medical profession, the policy makers, and the companies behind the development and marketing of the test. She has made the programme to bring these issues to public attention, knowing that people who wouldn’t normally be in the least interested in Down’s Syndrome will watch just out of prurient curiosity, to have a nosey at her life with a critical eye. In this way she hopes to spark public debate and discussion of an issue that is largely hidden at the moment. She has done this knowing that she will, in all likelihood be on the receiving end of criticism and even wanton unkindness for her trouble. She is going out of her way to ‘take one for the team’. This lovely lady has given us all many laughs, and now she’s giving my family a voice. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Please watch: October 5th 9pm


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