16/11/16 Insoles.

I think these things are going to be the bane of my life.

They are the new orthotic devices we have been waiting for. They are the compromise between the Piedro boots and soft insoles that Freddie’s had so far, and the full-on splints that the Orthpaedic consultant requested, but which the Orthotist who would be responsible for managing his care afterwards said would cause more problems than they solved. He was very thorough in his examination, much more so than the Consultant, and what he said made a lot of sense. Nothing short of surgery will permanently correct Freddie’s foot position, so it’s a case of where do you draw the line between giving no treatment to a little boy who is walking and running around quite happily, enjoying good function and no pain, but who might develop some pain at some point in the future, and giving aggressive treatment which may well slow him down and cause such discomfort that he will become reluctant to walk at all?

Yesterday he only walked from the car to the house in them, but became extremely grumpy and shouty, and sat dismally on the sofa refusing to move until we took them off. 

I tried him with them again when he got home tonight (we have to break them in gradually), but as soon as he saw them he started kicking furiously. I managed to get them on, and the boots, but once again he sat forlornly on the couch refusing to move his feet at all. Myself and Big Sister persuaded him to walk a short distance, but he cried and said it hurt, and he was definitely moving very awkwardly. We have a review appointment in a month, but if he keeps reacting like this I don’t know if I can bear to persevere that long with them. Is it worth making him so miserable for something that’s only a temporary fix?

Here’s a link to the original post about Freddie’s ‘funny feet’:



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