Problem Solving.

Our CAMHS LD nurse described it as ‘Good problem solving’. 

Daddy always puts music on for Freddie at bath time. Freddie’s favourite is the soundtrack to the BBC Julia Donaldson adaptations (The Gruffalo, Stick Man, etc), which is great, because it’s perfect for ‘winding down’to.

But Freddie sometimes prefers ‘winding up’. 

The other night when Daddy put the music on, Freddie began to sing along. There aren’t any lyrics, so he improvised:

‘Bumholes, bumholes, bumholes, B-u-u-U-M-holes!’

‘Freddie!’ said Daddy, ‘If you keep singing rude words I’ll turn the music off.’

Freddie thought about for a minute, then when the next track came in he sang:

‘Holes, holes, holes,ho-o-o-O-les!’

‘Don’t you see how clever that is?’ said the LD nurse when I told her about it. ‘That’s problem solving. There’s lots of different kinds of intelligence, you know.’


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