3/4/17 Pie.

Freddie was reluctant to eat his cottage pie at first, perhaps because he overheard me explain to Daddy that it’s called that because it’s ‘thatched’ with mash and it tastes like wattle and daub (and probably has a few spiders in it, like the thatched cottage we stayed in on holiday). When life gives me lemons I make lemon cake, provided there’s any left – most of my crew like to peel and eat them like oranges. Apart from that we’re a nice, normal family (as far as anyone knows).#downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #mummyblogger #SENblogger #post40blogger


2 thoughts on “3/4/17 Pie.

  1. You don’t think that the presence of a massive cake right in his eye line might have made it hard for him to focus on the cottage pie? We have to be very careful not to make any overt mention of “that frozen stuff” while AJ is eating her main. Otherwise she’ll throw it at the dog and demand I cream.

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    • Freddie’s not in the least bit bothered about cake or sweets. His favourite dessert is either yoghurt or fruit purée with custard, but sometimes doesn’t want them even when offered. He occasionally asks for a biscuit, and will eat chocolate if offered, but only if it’s just chocolate – he doesn’t ‘do’ caramel, crispies, or any other adulterations. Funny kid


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