Is Freddie Anxious: A Firefly Garden post.

It is true to say that the families of children face greater challenges than the average, but those challenges vary widely between one family and the next. We have been very lucky with Freddie’s physical health so far (touch wood). When it comes to behaviour, however, it’s a different can of worms – Freddie can be very challenging. Some would say that’s down to bad parenting rather than Down’s, but I’ve not parented Freddie any differently than my older children who have always been very well behaved (by the time you get to your third, your overall parenting style is pretty well established). After 14 months on a waiting list we now have some input from the CAMHS LD team. It’s great to have their support, but I’m finding that many of the techniques they recommend are things I’m already doing. Here’s a post I wrote recently for Firefly Community about Freddie’s behaviour and how I might be able to get a handle on tackling it:


Preparing for the ‘Flu-stive’ Season: A Firefly Community Post.

‘Don’t you get bored sitting at home all day, now Freddie’s at school?’ I’m sick of hearing that one. 

‘No’, is the answer, ‘I don’t allow myself to get bored’. 

One of the things I do is to write content for other websites. I also write fiction. Sometimes I even earn money from it. This way, whatever happens, I’m free to fit in around my family’s needs. It wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for us. Here’s a piece I wrote for the Firefly Community website: