Noodles For Knackered Mothers – A Firefly Community Post.

My latest post on Firefly is a recipe (yes, really) – and, for once, not one for disaster: Noodles For Knackered Mothers. Whoever let me loose in a kitchen?


Bish-bash-bosh Baking …

I love cake, but it’s complicated.

     Some days I NEED cake (don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean). Luckily, Freddie loves baking. He especially loves baking with Big Sister because she doesn’t care how much mess he makes, or try to stop him licking spilt flour off the worktop. 

     We’ve never used those ready-made just-add-an-egg packet mixes (for reasons which will become clear when you read the recipe). The method described perfectly illustrates the ‘bish-bash-bosh’ approach to getting things done that we have developed.

    I would just add that, when cooking with a little rascal like Freddie, I find it wise to gather all the ingredients and equipment before inviting him into the kitchen. This reduces the chances of him winging something breakable across the kitchen as soon as I turn away to search for the baking powder I could have sworn I bought last week.